See how mobile loyalty works for communities

So, what’s the big idea behind LoyalTap? To put it simply: community loyalty. Find out why loyalty to a community is the best way to drive customer engagement.

It’s not just another loyalty app

It’s the perfect community loyalty program for everyone – from franchises to small businesses.


For Local Business Communities

At the core of LoyalTap is a program designed to bring out the best in local shopping. It’s about supporting the local businesses that make our communities unique. 

The Latest Mobile Technology

Our businesses might be small, but our technology doesn’t have to be. LoyalTap allows your entire community to harness the latest in mobile technology to power your loyalty program, providing a cutting-edge loyalty app solution. 

Customized for Every Business

LoyalTap isn’t just the community app – it’s your app. Easily create customizable rewards tailored to your business, and access a wealth of data to help you better serve your customers. 

LoyalTap Fits Your Business Community

Historic Downtowns

Create a coalition loyalty program for your historic shopping area and build a sense of pride in being local.

Resort Communities

Create deeper value and loyalty for all the resort shops and restaurants that belong to your community.

College Towns

Capture audience and create lifetime loyalty with a mobile app designed for your community and customers.

Retail Centers

Make your destination the focus of loyalty by aligning all of your stores under one loyalty application, creating a community loyalty program.


Control Your Data

Access real-time customer data, set your challenges and rewards, and customize your store information with your personalized control panel. Loyalty has never been so easy.