It’s almost Thanksgiving! It’s a season to be thankful – and it’s also a good time to think of ways to show gratitude to your customers. After all, they’re the ones who allow your business to thrive. Here are a few ideas that your customers are sure to appreciate.

1. Send hand-written Thank You notes
It’s a surefire way to cut through the digital chatter and let your customers know that you really appreciate their business. The more time you put in to writing it, the more it will mean.

2. Surprise a customer with more than they asked for
It’s incredible how happy you can make people by giving them something they didn’t expect. Try giving a customer a gift card along with their purchase for free. Or ask them if they’d like to upgrade their coffee to a large at no extra cost. Of course, you have to do this in moderation, but the feeling you get when you make someone’s day is usually worth it.

3. Give customers a shout out
Make sure to ask permission first – and then feature your customers on your social media channels or in your blog and celebrate how awesome they are.

4. Return their patronage
If you can, discover and recommend your customers’ businesses to colleagues, or even frequent them yourself. They’ll appreciate your relationship even more.

5. Provide stellar customer service – all the time.
It’s not flashy, but consistently great customer service is one of the best ways you can show your customers that you value them. Make sure that your employees understand your commitment to excellence, and then give them reign to be excellent. Great service experiences create loyal customers.

6. Connect with your customers about more than business
Customers appreciate it when you show that you value them for more than their money. Reach out to your customers periodically, just to check in on how they’re doing, or to chat about the latest news.

7. Honor an achievement
Is it their birthday? Have they had a new addition to their family? Send a small, personal gift or a card to show them that you’re thinking of them.

8. Offer free things in your store
Everyone loves to get something for free. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – offer free cookies, donuts, or coffee for a day to anyone who comes into your store.

9. Give them a discount just because
Take $5 dollars off of their bill and see if it makes them happy. There’s a good chance that it will. Would $10 off make them even happier? There’s only one way to find out.

10. Offer an engaging and valuable loyalty program
Come on, you know we had to include this one. Thank your loyal customers and foster deeper relationships with them by rewarding them for their patronage with a loyalty program like LoyalTap that is customized to your business and your customers needs.

All right, so there you go – 10 ways to thank your customers. Pick a few and give them a try. We bet your customers will appreciate your efforts. Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at LoyalTap!

Interested in creating deeper relationships with your customers? Get in touch with us to see how our community loyalty app can help you do just that.