So, you’re thinking about investing in a mobile app, and you’re eagerly anticipating the droves of customers you’ll be able to bring to your business on the new platform. Or you’ve already invested in a mobile app for your business, and you can’t wait to use it to connect with your customers in new and exciting ways.

Before you get too ahead of yourself, though, here are two important things to take into consideration: Regardless of how many cool features it has, a mobile app is only as valuable as the customers who are using it – and customers will only use it if you promote it well.

That being said, when an app is promoted well and acquires an abundant user base, it becomes an invaluable platform that can drive customer loyalty and engagement. Here are three tips on how to market your app so that you can make sure that happens.

1. Use social media to promote your app
It might be over a decade old, but social media is still a digital game-changer. It’s still one of the most important channels to use when promoting your brand. The great thing about using social media to promote your mobile app is that you’ll likely be reaching digitally savvy consumers. Your Twitter followers and Facebook friends are the perfect user base for your app – so let them know about it.

Highlight the unique features of your app on social media. Make sure to post any deals you offer on the app, and post photos of the app being used by your customers. Let your social channels know the latest details about your app and you’ll be on your way to developing a strong app user base.

2. Market your app with in-store signage
When it comes to marketing your app, no context is more relevant than in and around your business itself. Far too often, businesses invest in advertisements or other promotional efforts for their mobile apps, only to neglect in-store signage.

A lack of in-store signage about your app can confuse customers. They’ll wonder if the information on the app is relevant, and they’ll likely be hesitant to ask employees to clarify things for them. When your customers visit your store, they should see prominent signage for your app encouraging them to download, use, and get connected. That way, you’ll make sure that your app is visible in its most relevant context.

3. Be consistent – and persistent – with your promotion
Finally, developing a thriving user base can take time. While it’s good to make a splash when your app first launches in an effort to generate lots of downloads and engagement right away, it’s equally important to maintain promotion consistently during your app’s life.

Don’t promote heavily only during launch just to neglect your app in the weeks and months after. Instead, maintain a consistent promotional presence and you’ll see your user base grow steadily over time.

So, there you go. Put these three tips to use and start acquiring a user base as numerous as all the cool features on your app. After all, connecting with your customers is what a mobile app is all about.

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