Interested in becoming a LoyalTap Partner?

At LoyalTap, we believe that it takes a community to build loyalty. That’s why we value the relationships we have with our partners. Together, we can bring loyalty to towns around the world.

Our LoyalTap Partners are marketers who love the communities they serve. In recognition of their service, we offer pricing incentives to maximize the value of their efforts in creating loyalty. Working with us, they become the face of LoyalTap in their area. Here are a few of the things our partners do to help us build loyalty.

  • Facilitate community launches
  • Provide standard merchant support
  • Become their region’s main point of contact for all things LoyalTap.

Through it all, we provide them with support and an abundance of resources as we work with them to achieve their goals.

If you’d like to find out more about what it means to be a LoyalTap partner, get in touch with us. Interested in starting now? Apply below, and join us as we pursue our goal of creating 1,000,000 loyal locals.

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