How to Bring LoyalTap to Your Community

At LoyalTap, we love local businesses. We know your time is best spent running your business. Your time shouldn’t be spent running around the community – leave that to your Community Organization. Here are three easy steps you can take to bring LoyalTap to your community.

1. Contact Your Community Organization

What Community Organizations are you a part of? Does your community have a Downtown Partnership, an Economic Development Association, or a Chamber of Commerce that could oversee the launch of a community-wide loyalty program?  If the answer is yes, then that Organization will hold the keys to launching LoyalTap in your location. It will be their job to generate interest and engagement from other business owners like you, and to help with the marketing and launch of the program in your community. Your interest will get things started.

2. Become a Merchant Champion

During a LoyalTap launch, it helps to have business owners who really understand the benefits of the LoyalTap program and can communicate the value of loyalty to their colleagues. After all, most business owners speak the same language, and you’ll be able to convey things in a way that your community can understand. We call owners who take this role Merchant Champions. Your championing of the program will go a long way towards getting 20 businesses involved. That’s how community loyalty takes off.

3. Don’t Know Where to Start? Let Us Help!

Maybe you don’t know what community organizations represent your community, aren’t sure how to communicate the benefits of loyalty, or just want to learn more about how LoyalTap works. Whatever the case, one of our expert Development Coordinators can help you figure out how LoyalTap can work for your community- just get in touch with us.

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