How to Bring LoyalTap to Your Community

At LoyalTap, we love local businesses, and we know you do, too. As a Community Organization, you lead the charge in bringing LoyalTap to your community. It is through your leadership that LoyalTap will be deployed. Here are some of the first steps you’ll need to take.

1. Contact LoyalTap For The Start-Up Conversation

Our goal at LoyalTap is to make every launch successful. Working with different communities, we’ve developed a launching process that takes the guess work out of the organizational stage. We’ll help you get to launch quickly in a way that’s organized and keeps everyone smiling.  It will be your job to generate interest and engagement from businesses in your community – we’ll take care of the rest during launch.

2. Identify Merchant Champions

During a LoyalTap launch, it helps to have business owners who really understand the benefits of the LoyalTap program and can communicate the value of loyalty to their colleagues. After all, most business owners speak the same language, and they’ll be able to convey things in a way that your community can understand. We call owners who take this role Merchant Champions. Their championing of the program will go a long way towards getting many businesses involved. Identify them early, and do your best to get them in your corner. That’s how a community loyalty program takes off.

3. Hold an Informational Webinar

Once you’ve got some initial interest, we’d love to talk with the merchants and answer any questions they might have. From anywhere in the world, we can conference with your team in person or online to discuss any questions you might have. Whatever the question, one of our expert Development Coordinators has the answer, and they can help you make LoyalTap work for your community.

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