Looking for the perfect loyalty program for your business, but not sure where to start? There are so many options when it comes to loyalty: punch cards, plastic cards, point systems, apps – it can be overwhelming. What you need is something that can cut through the clutter and reach the heart of what loyalty truly means – something deeper than the traditional methods. A community loyalty program just might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Here are a few of the reasons why.

1. Community Loyalty is Deeper

Most loyalty programs today encourage loyalty to a single store or business. And that’s great. After all, the communities we love are made up of unique individual businesses. But when it comes to business communities or downtown areas, loyalty is about more than being loyal to a single business – it’s about being loyal to a community. Customers don’t shop and eat downtown because of one business; they shop and eat downtown because that’s where the community is.

That’s how a community loyalty program can help. It unites all local businesses under one community loyalty program, while giving each one the flexibility it needs to create the perfect loyalty program for its unique customers.

2. There are More Reasons for Customers to be Engaged

If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably experienced app fatigue first hand. With so many different businesses offering so many different apps, customers are getting weary of adding yet another limited-value app to their phones – and this prevents them from even trying many small business’s apps.

With a community loyalty program, though, there are many more reasons for customers to be engaged. Even if customers only frequent your business once or twice a month, they’re sure to find value in the unique collection of businesses that your community loyalty program offers. Get them involved with a loyalty program that includes the whole community, and your business will see the results of increased engagement.

3. Community Makes Things Easier

You don’t want to invest in a loyalty program, only to see that investment go to waste when you get frustrated by technical issues or don’t have time to memorize the ins and outs of its features. What if everybody in your community was using the same platform? It would be kind of like those times in school when you got a group together to study for the same class. With a community loyalty program, you can benefit from the success and smarts of your neighbors, just by observing how they use the platform, or even by asking them for advice. Everybody wins together.

So, there you have it: a few of the benefits of a community loyalty program. Are you interested in bringing a community loyalty program to your community? Then get in touch with us at LoyalTap. We provide cutting-edge mobile loyalty solutions that can bring your community together. Visit LoyalTap.com to see if a community loyalty program is right for you.