This past month we introduced a few fresh new upgrades to the LoyalTap Merchant Panel’s functionality. Each of these updates was crafted to give our merchants and communities an even more beautiful, robust, and useful loyalty solution. If you haven’t seen the updates firsthand yet, here’s what’s changed.

1. Improved Analytics

We’re pretty excited about this one. LoyalTap’s updated Reports page lets merchants see their loyalty in action like never before.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.24.32 PM


Merchants can now view their loyalty statistics across a custom date range. Simply select a statistic to view, choose a custom date range, and voila! Enjoy access to beautiful, comprehensive data that gives you advanced insight into how your customers are engaging with your challenges and rewards. Loyalty has never looked so good.

2. Edit Challenge Data

Merchants can now edit all of their challenge settings. Want to increase the number of scans required to complete your challenge? Not a problem. Want to adjust the days of the week your challenge is open? You can do that, too. Keep in mind that any changes made to your challenge will not affect users who have already begun participation.

It’s still important to carefully construct your challenges and rewards; after all, changing things up too frequently may frustrate your customers. In most cases, we still recommend closing out a challenge and creating a new one instead of significantly altering existing options. But let’s face it – sometimes, you just need to tweak things a bit. Now you can.

3. The New Community Panel

Finally, we’re excited to introduce our Community Panel. The Community Panel is a way for community administrators to stay updated on how their LoyalTap app is being used in the community as a whole. It includes a Reports page and a Community Dashboard.

The Community Reports page allows administrators to view the loyalty statistics for their entire community, including total number of users, scans, rewards, and more.

The Community Dashboard is a unique, 30-day perspective on the health of your community’s loyalty. See the engagement that each business has been getting, and get tips on how to increase participation for each merchant. Coordinating community loyalty has never been so easy.

Interested in learning more about the Merchant Panel upgrades? Get in touch with us for more info or to send us some feedback! We’re excited to continue our journey towards creating one million loyal locals with the best mobile loyalty solution possible.